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Welcome to EU-Documents, here you are able to Buy Driving Licenses, Buy Passports and Buy Id Cards.

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Welcome to EU-Documents, here you are able to buy driving licenses, buy passports and id cards. Also, we provide these documents and do home delivery for all clients who order directly from our website. We have specialists who corporate in all EU countries including the UK to provide real documents to our clients. However, our influence have lately been expanded to the US and Canada. The need of documents such as driving license and the complications of getting a genuine one becomes frustrating sometimes. Our timing for the production of all documents is very important because we do not want to keep client’s expectations longer than necessary.

More so, When you contact us to buy driving license or buy passport or buy id card, you are provided with the required information depending on the country you want to buy from. After providing the required information and ordering for your document, you shall be given a code to use and track the production of your document. In some countries, you are given the number of days it takes to produce your document. It is important to stay in communication with our customer service consultants through out the process. This is useful because if more information is required, you will be able to provide.

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You can buy any EU country driving license from us and we shall deliver in just 3 to 5 days. Also, you can equally buy real driving license for Russia, UK, Canada and USA. Our global network which has been developed gradually since 2009 is now a very powerful assert. Our driving license are real and you can use them wherever they are applicable around the world…

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You can buy any EU passport from us and we shall deliver in just 3 to 5 day. This is the right place to come if you want to Buy Passport Online. Our passport services have been effective since 2010. Right now, we produce all EU passports for our clients. Also, you can buy an American passport from us or buy a Canadian passport and use it conveniently…

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Welcome to our “Id card services“. So many EU countries and in the US and Canada need id cards for different reasons. More so, our solution to your id card problem is simple and straight forward. We let you apply for or order for a new id card with your specifications on our website and you simply have to pay for the registration and production of your new id card…


Why do we exist? Many reasons…The MADNESS that by passing a test in one country and not being able to drive in another because of bureaucracy is why we do what we do. You may have a perfectly valid driving license from outside the EU and still be expected to do the test all over again when you come to live in the EU! We do not think thats fair and will help in any way we can to right this wrong. You may have moved abroad and cannot renew your license as you are no longer a resident in the country of issue or a multitude of other reasons why you need us….have you exchanged your non-eu license only to receive a new license with exchange codes? None of the licenses available through us will have any exchange codes so you can exchange again in any other EU country! 

Welcome to our exciting website where you can LEGALLY obtain Genuine European drivers licenses from a European country of your choice*. THESE ARE NOT FAKES – we help you obtain the license from the relevant government department in any one of the countries we operate in. The process is very simple with our help! You simply choose the entitlements that you wish to have and then complete the online application form. You then scan in a passport type photo and email it to us at the address provided. We will then apply on your behalf and forward the license to your contact address once issued (approximately 3 to 4 weeks). Don’t waste your time with fakes or IDL’s that are useless! Play the EU document tourism game, everything is possible! If you need a back doors to the system, these are wide open, especially in eastern Europe where the new EU rules are often misinterpreted by “town hall” office clerks who are responsible for exchanging driving licenses and issuing new documents!


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Our standards and reputation are of the utmost importance as every document is verified by a supervisor before delivery.


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